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Challenges and opportunities brought by the world pandemic scenario

October 13th to 15th, 2021


The TMA Brasil Congress is the reference event in the area of ​​corporate restructuring and recovery, with a multidisciplinary approach. This year, in its 12th edition, the TMA Brasil Congress hopes to bring together once again a select and specialized audience, comprising renowned professionals in the area engaged in generating value in the processes of restructuring, recovery or liquidation of companies, with the presence of speakers. Brazilians and foreigners.

With the innovation of bringing a studio to an exclusive digital platform, TMA innovates online and to bring content to participants, including administrators, managers, investors, financiers, lawyers, consultants, accountants, advisors, magistrates, prosecutors, administrators judiciary, teachers and students.

The Congress will bring online networking tools, which will favor an adequate environment for the debate on current topics of restructuring, investments, management and governance, among other issues, always aiming to innovate and debate the best practices of turnaround within the economic and social perspectives. country and world politics.


TMA Info: 


TMA Brasil is the Brazilian representative of the Turnaround Management Association, the most prestigious worldwide association bringing together professionals involved in recovering performance and value in companies and organizations in general.

Its members include administrators, managers, investors, financiers, lawyers, consultants, accountants, advisors, magistrates, judicial administrators, teachers, students and all professionals engaged in generating value in the restructuring, recovery or liquidation processes of companies.

These professionals work under the TMA code of ethics and dedicate part of their time to develop the theme of managing the restructuring and recovery of companies that are going through moments of operational challenge or financial crisis. They promote best practices through seminars and publications, training professionals involved in turnaround management, and contributing to the evolution of the practice in management, financial and legislative aspects.

The credibility of TMA Brasil, recognized with the status of OSCIP in Brazil, is based on 25 years of international experience, bringing together the best companies and professionals dedicated to the restructuring and recovery of companies.

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